Who We Are


Who we are

CONSULT, DESIGN, BUILD AND PRODUCE Cado is your complete, one-stop blow molding and injection molding plastics facility — period. Cado customers’ products reach the marketplace faster, as we are the mold maker and the production facility, all rolled into one.

  • Our History

    Since our inception in 1957, we’ve been on the forefront of blow molding technology. Today, we maintain our status as a top innovator in the industry. Whether it’s plastic-part design, consulting services, mold making or long production runs, our services are tailored to meet each client’s needs, and have been for more than 50 years.

    The past few years have brought two new companies under the Cado umbrella that diversify our custom work: Union Products and Fantazia Marketing.

    The acquisition of Union Products marks the continued production of Leominster, Massachusetts’ legendary Pink Flamingo, created by former Union President Don Featherstone in 1957. This iconic local and American symbol now lives on, right where it was invented — and has even evolved into a Zombie Flamingo version (for homeowners who are feeling brave). The traditional nature of Union Products items and excellent craftsmanship also spill over to the company’s other offerings: lawn & garden, holiday and seasonal novelty items.

    Fantazia Marketing is known for its fun, flagship products: the well-loved Giant Crayon, piggy banks and now-famous Ice Cream banks. The company’s other unique novelty items round out the scope of Fantazia’s offerings and further solidify Cado as a well-rounded, diverse operation.

  • Our Philosophy

    A decision to work with the Cado Company means your products get to market as soon as possible, with the best quality production, and with complete confidentiality — for less money. Our wide range of materials, equipment and expertise means we always meet clients’ tooling, deadline, capacity and time requirements. We take our customers’ projects from initial evaluation and recommendations to tooling development and fabrication, molding testing, careful sampling and finally to precision production.

    We Know Time Is Money

    Because all of our production is done in house, capacity, specification and time requirements are never a problem. The system gets streamlined with Cado Company. Eliminating the involvement of many other firms reduces costs, shortens timelines and eliminates project management stress as the entire production phase is handled with a single, experienced vendor. However, you never lose out on the innovation side: Cado keeps up on the latest technology and equipment to ensure your project has all the latest benefits and selling features.

We Provide Solutions

We were instrumental in salvaging a new customer’s contract with the military to provide a cushioning component. Another blow molding outfit was unsuccessful in manufacturing the component after several attempts. Cado was able to pick up the existing molds, evaluate the design, implement modifications and produce parts within four days! Although the speed of attaining success is not always this quick, our ability to evaluate and modify tooling and manufacture plastic products provides our customers with greater options, all under one roof. Read More


  • With a diverse machinery base such as Rocheleau, Hayssen and Impco, Cado ensures your production runs are of the highest quality and efficiency.

  • Our custom molding production capabilities range from commodity to engineering grade resins for high and low volume products to projects with very challenging geometry, design, and quality requirements. We provide dependable solutions for our customers!

  • Cado Company designs and produces our customers’ molds in-house. Repairs and maintenance are provided in our fully equipped machine shop. We also provide mold design services as well as complete mold making with the use of our high precision CNC machines.

  • Cado Company masters the art of custom mold design, custom mold build services, blow molding production and injection molding production. Our customers represent a wide range of industries.

Industries Served

  • Medical
  • Military
  • Retail
  • Chemical
  • Environmental
  • Information Technology
  • Marine
  • Sporting Goods

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